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An International Guide to Humor

As featured in Travel + Leisure

As a touring comedian, I travel more than a fugitive flight attendant. And if you get around even a fraction of as much as I do, you know that when arriving in a new country, few things are as jarring as that first encounter with local television programming. Flip on the TV in your hotel room, and bam!: you're barraged with an overwhelming stream of incomprehensible foreign inflections and vocalizations. Americans aren't the only funny ones out there (remember Gérard Depardieu in Green Card?), but without the context of a nation's unique culture, a Yank will have difficulty understanding the comedic references in any sitcom, stand-up show, or casual conversation while abroad. Thankfully, at long last, one need not speak a foreign language to bust a gut while traipsing across the globe. That's because I've taken the time to compile a comedic road map of the brands of wit and clowning that Americans can expect to encounter when visiting various different travel destinations. Prime yourself with the International Guide to Humor below, and you'll be laughing along like a local on every voyage to come:

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