the only triple-threat beverage expert with a COMEDY background and a passion for heavy metal.


I've spent my life pursuing my passions for music, comedy, and writing. After performing for years as a rock musician, I eventually traded in my electric guitar (but kept the microphone) to become a stand-up comedian. While touring all 50 states, I enjoyed visiting breweries during my down time -- enough to start documenting my experiences as a beverage writer. Soon, I was covering beer, wine, and spirits full-time, and educating thirsty audiences across the country. Today, I am realizing my dream of combining my loves of music and the written word as the creative and business director for Kerrang! the longest running rock / metal publication in the UK. 

Also, I have a wife, a baby daughter, and a cat.



I write about beer, wine, spirits, and coffee for Food & Wine, Tasting Table, Food Republic, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Men’s Journal, Playboy, Salon, Saveur, Quartz, Travel + Leisure, Thrillist, DuJour, Draft, Beverage Media, Supercall, All About Beer, Fatherly, VinepairMr. PorterSerious Eatsand the Institute of Culinary Education. Previously, I was Editor-In-Chief of The Beer Necessities, a digital publication founded by Anheuser-Busch.

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As a Certified Cicerone®, Certified Specialist of Spirits (CSS), and a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), I teach beer, wine, and spirits classes at Astor Center, The Brooklyn Kitchen, and NYC Wine Company, while offering semi-private sessions around the country via IfOnly.



I am the U.S. Executive Director of Kerrang!, the premier rock publication in the UK. A huge rock and metal fan, I've been playing in bands for as long as I've been Bar Mitzvah'd (that's 13 years old, for you non-Jews). Throughout the early 2000s, I sang and played guitar in Camilla and later, The Anthem Sound.


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Among the clients for which I have hosted branded events and educated audiences are The Glenrothes, High West Distillery, Anheuser-Busch, Pabst Brewing, and Prosciutto di Parma. In 2016, I spent a year as the Beer Director for Merchants Hospitality, tasked with selecting the beer menus for five downtown New York restaurants. I've spoken at trade and consumer events around the world, such as Thirst Boston, the Beer Marketing & Tourism Conference, Euphoria, and the US Beverage Expo.



As one half of comedy duo Dave and Ethan, I co-created and co-starred in Dave and Ethan: Lovemakers on NBC’s digital comedy platform, Seeso. I've hosted various videos for Food & Wine Magazine, and an international video series for Budweiser. Previously, you may have seen me on NBC's The Tonight ShowThe Today Show, VH1’s Top 20 Countdown, Bravo, TruTV, Food Network, as the host of PBS’s Bongo Bongo and Music Choice’s Rock U, or all over my parents’ house, where my mother proudly displays a few too many framed photos of her son.