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Selling “BDX” Now

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Burdened by its reputation as a polarized region—one producing nothing but unaffordable Classified Growths or cheap, generic blends—Bordeaux has seen better centuries. But the tides are undeniably shifting. Thanks to a wave of younger, globally conscious winemakers, the rise of smaller appellations, and expanding consumer tastes, Bordeaux has more to offer Americans today than ever before.

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BeerWatch 2017

As published by Beverage Media

Beer has had an incredibly turbulent year, from the Big Guys down to the little ones. Buyouts, mergers and unprecedented growth in both breweries and SKUs have made the marketplace a confusing one for beer consumers and producers alike. In the process, the oft-abused term “craft” inches closer and closer to the brink of losing all meaning with respect to beer—even as wine-centric glassmaker Riedel delivered a stamp of approval to the beer biz by designing a special Riedel beer glass. Perhaps the only certainty in 2016 was change. But amidst all of the tumult, a few undeniable trends have arisen that promise to carry over into 2017.

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