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Lovelettertypewriter: Honoring Mineral On Their 25th Anniversary


….When I finally meet Chris and Jeremy backstage before their show at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere, I can’t keep the feels from flooding back. Though Mineral now take up far less of my attention than they once did, the mere sight of them in the flesh reflexively brings up the longing, sadness, and frustration of my late teen years. Immediately and involuntarily, I find myself promising my heroes that I won’t punish them in the interview that’s about to transpire, despite the impact their work had had on me as an impressionable high schooler….

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We Had Maynard James Keenan Judge Two Master Sommeliers' Pairings of His Wines


I’ve taken Maynard James Keenan to New York’s downtown restaurant Manhatta, where two Master Sommeliers have built a musical meal around his wines. To help us all get a better understanding of Keenan’s work, Chef Jason Pfeifer and John Ragan—Wine Director for Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group in New York City—have paired unique dishes with five of Caduceus Cellars’ cuvees. Meanwhile, Andy Myers—Wine Director for José Andrés’ ThinkFoodGroup in Washington DC, and a well-versed metalhead and musician himself—has curated a soundtrack for each course. Best of all, Keenan will have the chance to play critic for once in his over-scrutinized life, giving feedback on every pairing.

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The United States of Metal

As Published By Kerrang!

This our definitive, objective, indisputable list of the single best heavy metal band from every U.S. state, complete with a playlist at the bottom of the page, too. (Though, if you do have any issues with our picks, you can take it up with our man in the United States, Ethan Fixell. Just know that he lost six pounds and four nights of sleep putting this list together – so be gentle.)

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The 5 Best Rock Beers On Earth

As published by Kerrang!

That rock bands collaborate with breweries to create their own beers is no news. A few rock and metal acts with especially discerning taste are finally getting it right, partnering with top notch breweries from around the world to produce beers worthy of their likeness. I’ve had the privilege of tasting the majority of these beers, and have rounded up the very best for you below.

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Number of the Yeast: The Rise of Heavy Metal Brewers

As published by Food & Wine

Usually when people talk about metal's effect on beer, it's in the context of discussing canning versus bottling. And while some of you out there are surely turned on by "under lid gassing" and "seam calibration," there's another metal influencing the brews we drink that most will find much more interesting than aluminum. All around the country, brewers are finding inspiration from and collaborating with legendary metal musicians – and the results are often exceptional.

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Here's How You Get Shia LaBeouf In Your Cannibal Music Video

As published by MTV News

Rob Cantor, the man behind the "29 Celebrity Impressions" viral video, has struck again with another multimedia masterpiece – this time, with the help of an actual celeb. His new live performance video for the original song "Shia LaBeouf" recounts a horrific story involving the "actual cannibal" Hollywood superstar through interpretive dance and choral singing, and features a cameo from the actor who has recently been in the news for some…shall we say, "touchy" behavior. I sat down with Cantor for an exclusive interview on how -- and why – this production came to fruition.

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