Five Wine Regions Producing America’s Finest Ciders


As it happens, some of the most noteworthy cider in the United States comes from its greatest wine regions.

“Not every plot of land in a famous wine-growing appellation is perfectly suited to grapes,” says Dustin Wilson, master sommelier and co-founder of Verve Wine. “Often, you’ll see other types of plants in areas that might not be as well-suited for quality grape growing.”

Here are five cider makers from the nation’s greatest wine regions.

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Everything You Need To Know About Fancy Cider


Cider is seemingly everywhere these days, going well beyond its antiquated status as a tap option for the gluten-averse or people who say they don't like beer. Still, most people don’t think to order cider when out for a nice dinner, and that's a shame. Good ol’ fermented apple juice can be as complex (and expensive) as any craft beer or fine wine. The best stuff -- often “heritage cider,” made with cider-specific heirloom apple varieties and produced with traditional winemaking techniques -- is incredibly nuanced, with plenty of regional differences and unique flavors to go around.

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This Is the Delicious, Super-Cheap Wine You Need This Summer


Can we be honest with each other? Is this a safe space? We know that you like your off-dry Yellowtail Riesling or sweet Barefoot Moscato — but what you really like is spending $8 or less for a bottle of easy-drinking white wine. Did you know that for just a few bucks more, you can upgrade your experience twentyfold? Meet Torrontés: the aromatic Argentinian grape variety capable of producing the ultimate summer sipping wine.

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Five of the Best Summer Wines for Less than £20


My propensity for wine snobbery is normally high. But when it comes to summer drinking, we should be looking for two things: drinkability and value. Summer wine ought to be easy. It should be refreshing, ready to drink and, most of all, affordable. Here are five of the best inexpensive yet individual wines that will deliver the most quality for the least amount of money this summer.

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The United States of Metal

As Published By Kerrang!

This our definitive, objective, indisputable list of the single best heavy metal band from every U.S. state, complete with a playlist at the bottom of the page, too. (Though, if you do have any issues with our picks, you can take it up with our man in the United States, Ethan Fixell. Just know that he lost six pounds and four nights of sleep putting this list together – so be gentle.)

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Whiskey Lovers, Here's Why You Should Be Drinking Cognac Instead

As published by Food & Wine

I fell in love with Cognac not only for its similarities to barrel-aged whiskey, but also for the importance its provenance contributes to its identity. It’s a craft product that can be imitated, but not replicated anywhere else in the world. If you’re as intrigued as I was, check out the following tips – and product suggestions – for enjoying your Cognac like a well-informed pro.

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Selling “BDX” Now

As Published By Beverage Media

Burdened by its reputation as a polarized region—one producing nothing but unaffordable Classified Growths or cheap, generic blends—Bordeaux has seen better centuries. But the tides are undeniably shifting. Thanks to a wave of younger, globally conscious winemakers, the rise of smaller appellations, and expanding consumer tastes, Bordeaux has more to offer Americans today than ever before.

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